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Nestle deploys NFC to deliver recipes in Woolworths

Nestle deploys Tapit across 650 Woolworths storesShoppers at Woolworths can now use their smartphone in isle to get recipes thanks to a new innovative collaboration between Tapit, TorchMedia and Nestle.

Tapit, a company specialized in contactless communications, deploy Tapit contactless infrastructure including NFC tags, QR codes & Beacons that streamline how global companies deliver content to smartphone users within physical environments.

The latest Nestle campaign launching Oats and Strawberry, deployed contactless communications (NFC tags and QR codes) inside 480 Woolworths supermarkets. People can simply tap the enabled isle fin and take home great new recipe ideas from Woolworths Fresh Magazine.

“Tapit exists to help global brands communicate with smartphone users in the simplest possible way” said Ben Wagner, Commercial Director at Tapit. “In a world first deployment for Nestle, consumers can connect in isle as they are making a purchase decision, providing valuable information for shoppers whilst driving more sales”.

Over 50 major organisations have deployed Tapit contactless technology to engage with people across Outdoor Media and within Retail, including Google, Coca-Cola, Nike, Johnson & Johnson, Samsung, Sony, Microsoft, Xbox, Virgin Mobile, Visa, and Vodafone. Most recently Tapit joined forces with Westpac to connect bus commuters to exciting new content using contactless technology.

“A big challenge for brands is influencing the sale in the last three feet, Tapit can not only do this through delivering rich mobile experiences, but also analyse how people are interacting with the brand. Tapit’s advanced analytics platform allows you to view each physical interaction as you might view an online campaign. That’s quite a new and powerful proposition for brands” said Wagner.

Dean Carberry, Head of Sales – CPW said “We are always looking for new and innovative ways to drive engagement with shoppers. Shelf conversion is a challenge for the Oats category, so we decided to amplify our Oats and Fresh strawberry campaign in Woolworths with a Tapit NFC enabled aisle fin. The aisle fin will connect shoppers directly with Oat and Strawberry recipes, developed in partnership with Woolworths Fresh Magazine, to help drive consumption occasions. We are excited about this technology which will enable us to make instant changes throughout the four week campaign.”
Amie Hine, Marketing and Commercial Manager for TorchMedia said “Part of TorchMedia initiatives is to bring in-store innovations to shopper marketing. By partnering with Tapit we are able to bring brands to life at the shelf in a new and simple way. Offering recipes right in front of the product promotes impulse purchase,
  unlike Television or Radio where the message can be lost hours later”.

Following the success of the Nestle campaign, Torch and Tapit plan to deploy further contactless communications projects with brands across 2014.

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You are here: Home News Loyalty Nestle deploys NFC to deliver recipes in Woolworths