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NFC Parking Disc Helps Users Find Cars Location

NFC Parking Disc Helps Users Find Cars LocationPAV with NFC smart solution in finals of Print Stars 2014

A foreign city, your car parked somewhere, finally a pub tour with your colleagues, a lot of similar-looking streets and the subsequent question and long search for your own car. Does this somehow sound familiar to you? When there is a will there is a way said PAV a German innovator and specialist for smartcards and NFC solutions. Their approach was then nominated for "idea and implementation" in the finals of the Print Stars 2014 award.

The family-owned company PAV has reached the finals of the Innovation Award of the German Printing Industry. The submitted product in the category "Cross-media networking" is a printed parking disc with integrated NFC tag, which was provided by NXP.  The only thing that a desperate soul has to to is to download an app, NFCar >>>, which is available at Google Play Store to retrieve the location of his "lost" (parked) car. Vodafone, a major adopter of NFC enabled service is using this product to promote its digital mobile payment solution the Vodafone-Wallet >>>, which is of course NFC enabled. The Innovation Award of the German printing industry is considered as the most important award in the industry and is being held for the eleventh time. During this years nomination 449 products in 28 categories have been submitted.

Timo Stehn, head of marketing and communications at PAVPAV proofs with this parking disc that in paper integrated NFC tags are an innovative alternative to conventional QR-code promotions in the area of cross-media marketing. Unlike a QR code based solution NFC does not require an app for reading out the data stored on the chip. Only an NFC-enabled smartphone that operates within a maximum distance of 4 cm must be held before the parking disc to read out the data contactless. In addition, the programmed PAV smartphone application NFCar offers some special features. While other apps has to be opened manually after parking, confirming location and other parameters, the parking disc only has to be "touched" with the smartphone and the location is stored. This makes the use of NFCar hassle-free and fast, plus on request users can correct their location.

"We are very pleased to have been nominated for the finals of the 2014 PrintStars award. As a major provider of printing and mailing services in Germany, we are constantly developing new solutions to playfully connect print products to the internet. NFC is the future technology which gives us the possibility to connect us with other people and daily objects seemlessly, "explains Timo Stehn, head of marketing and communications at PAV.

The finalists will be announced on September 18, 2014 at the Congress Centre Halle in Stuttgart.

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