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AMS released new NFC Development Kit

AS3911 NFC development kit includes an NCI standard-based interface to Android, Linux and Windows operating systemsAS3911 NFC development kit includes an NCI standard-based interface to Android, Linux and Windows operating systems

ams AG released the AS3911 NFC development kit and interface software stack, which provide a blueprint for an NFC implementation in any microcontroller-based system.

NFC has already proved its popularity with consumers in applications such as contactless payments, and many OEMs are looking to add value to electronics products by providing a simple, secure, wireless NFC interface between a microcontroller and the outside world. The new AS3911 NFC development kit from ams eliminates the need for the OEM designer to implement a complete, proprietary software interface between a host microcontroller, its operating system and the NFC reader IC.

The software in the AS3911 development kit includes an NFC Controller Interface (NCI) stack, a standard-based modular firmware/software solution, operating from the hardware level up to the operating system. Developed in collaboration with Stollmann E+V GmbH, it manages the interaction between a microcontroller and any NFC/HF reader in the AS391x family from ams.

Fully compatible with the Android, Linux, Windows 7 and Windows 8 operating systems, the AS3911 development kit lets developers quickly and easily create NFC applications for multiple microcontrollers. The standard interface is suitable for any kind of NFC-enabled device, including routers, set-top boxes, automotive infotainment systems, consumer electronics devices and home appliances.

Because the NCI stack has a modular design, users can optimize it for their system, selecting only the features and functions required by their application. This means that designers can optimize for a minimal microcontroller processing overhead and memory usage, or for high performance and multi-protocol support.

The NCI supports all NFC protocols specified by the ISO standards organization, as well as providing extended functionality for proprietary card systems. It also supports the automatic antenna tuning feature provided by ams’ AS391x family of NFC readers.

‘Combining a market-proven NFC software stack from Stollmann E+V GmbH with the advanced features and high performance of the AS3911 NFC reader IC, this new development kit eases NFC adoption for any designer working with microcontrollers today,’ said Rene Wutte, Marketing Manager for HF/NFC readers at ams.

‘The broad adoption of NFC in mobile phones is leading to a new wave of interest in NFC from manufacturers of devices which can make a contactless bridge to mobile phones. Because of its AS391x family of NFC readers, ams is the ideal partner for Stollmann, which is positioned perfectly for the substantial market growth we expect,’ said Juergen Schick, CEO of Stollmann E+V GmbH. ‘Our easy to integrate software library complements the AS3911’s unique features, helping OEMs to achieve a faster time to market.’

The NCI software stack is compatible with various physical interfaces including UART, SPI and I2C.

The AS3911 development kit and NCI software stack are available immediately.

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