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Gemalto launches SaaS Platform for Mobile Operators

Gemalto announced that its LinqUs Mobile ID platform, compliant with the guidelines set by the GSMA Mobile Connect initiative, is now available for commercial launch. The solution allows mobile operators to offer all subscribers an unprecedented, single means of authentication to online services using any mobile phone.


HID Trusted Tag Services Offers Internet of Things Authentication For Smart Mobile Devices


NFC Tags use HID Global technology to turn Near Field Communications (NFC) enabled smartphones into a trusted verification device for Internet of Things (IoT) authentication applications and proof-of-presence without the need to download apps.

HID Global® announced its HID Trusted Tag™ Services offering. Combining trusted tags with existing secure cloud authentication services, HID Global’s latest solution confers everyday objects with unique and trusted identities that can be read by NFC-enabled mobile devices in a wide variety of IoT (Internet of Things) applications.


G&D announces MobiCore integrated security platform to support Samsung GALAXY S III in Europe

G&D announces MobiCore integrated security platform to support Samsung GALAXY S III (Image: Samsung)Giesecke & Devrient (G&D) has announced that its MobiCore security platform will be integrated in Samsung GALAXY S III smartphones distributed in Europe. Thanks to MobiCore, the NFC-capable smartphone from Samsung will be the first mobile device to boast a protected area on its application processor in which security-sensitive applications can be securely run and downloaded dynamically. The MobiCore platform will provide a secure execution environment for mobile payments authentication, emails or corporate VPN access.



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