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Identive: iPhone App for Tagtrail Mobile Services Platform Now Available in Apple App Store

Image: IdentiveIdentive, a provider of solutions and services for the identification, security and RFID industries, announced availability of its Tagtrail mobile app for iOS devices in the Apple App Store.
This immediately enables retailers and marketers to include the large base of iOS users in their NFC campaigns by simply integrating or adding QR codes. Campaign owners can deploy dynamic mobile campaigns to promote their services or brands with the confidence that they are reaching both iOS and Android users and that their taps and scans can be measured to evaluate campaign success. The more than 300 million iPhone users now can access and share a broad array of content delivered through Tagtrail’s secure, cloud-based dynamic content delivery platform.


RIM’s Mobile Payments Solution Uses Bell ID's Mobile Token Manager Software

Bell ID's Token Manager software is being used by RIM (Image: Bell ID)Bell ID has announced that its Token Manager software is being used by Research In Motion (RIM) in its Secure Element Manager (SEM) solution for NFC mobile payments.  

According to Bell ID its Mobile Token Manager Software is a vendor neutral platform used in Trusted Service Manager (TSM) solutions like RIM’s SEM, which coordinates the technical and business relationships of multiple stakeholders to deliver and maintain payment services on a mobile device.


Casino Group Creates New Shopping Experience With NFC

Casino Group Creates New Shopping Experience With NFC (Image: Casino Group)From 23 to 27 October, the Casino Group offered Lyon residents a new way to shop on-the-go. Thanks to the first order wall with image recognition and NFC, set up in Lyon Part Dieu railway station, shoppers were able to use their NFC-enabled smartphones to select a product in a matter of seconds.


HID Global presents Trusted Cloud Service for Creating and Tracking NFC Tags

HID Global presents Trusted Cloud Service for Creating and Tracking NFC TagsCompany Unveils HID Trusted Tag Services Platform for Deploying NFC Tags for Asset and Document Certification; Also Announces Licensing Program for Third-Party Application Developers

HID Global, a worldwide provider of secure identity solutions,has announced a new cloud-based platform for secure NFC tags and services that eliminates the inherent risks of authenticating original documents, processes, data-logging and high-value assets with traditional sign-off procedures. Leveraging the company’s proven Trusted Identity Platform (TIP) for secure communications and identity transactions, the HID Trusted Tag Services platform secures assets and protects consumers from counterfeit goods while improving authentication convenience by using contactless readers or any NFC-enabled smartphone.  HID Trusted Tag transponders can be embedded within an item or attached to a document to establish its unique identity, and presented to any NFC-enabled reader or smartphone to verify its authenticity.


Stollmann expands NFC software offering to support Texas Instruments' NFC solutions

Stollmann, a specialist in software stacks, has announced the availability of a complete software solution supporting NFC products from Texas Instruments Incorporated (TI), a semiconductor provider.

This collaboration will make it easy for customers and partners around the world to integrate the popular NFC technology in many different devices. The offer from Stollmann for TI’s NFC portfolio is available for mobile end devices as well as for embedded solutions such as in the consumer electronics, industrial, white goods and medical sectors and thus can be used very flexibly. The modular software stack provides significant flexibility to the customer enabling customization of the desired level of integration. Thanks to the NFC software of Stollmann, the TI TRF79xx family of NFC chips will support all NFC modes, such as peer-to-peer, reader/writer, and card emulation modes, and can be used for previous applications through additional interfaces. The software is available for various operating systems including Windows 8, Linux and Android. Additional operating systems will be available on request.



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