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HID Global expands Portfolio of RFID Transponders with NFC Tags for Outdoor Environments

HID Global Adds NFC Tags for Outdoor Environments to SlimFlex Portfolio of RFID TranspondersNew SlimFlexTags are readable with ISO/IEC 15693 compatible Near Field Communications (NFC) and other high frequency (HF) RFID devices - The pliable, durable SlimFlex Tag transponders are available in HF and ultra high frequency (UHF) options.

HID Global yesterday announced that its Identification Technologies division has added Near Field Communication (NFC)-readable tags to its rapidly expanding SlimFlex™ Tag portfolio of pliable, high- durability tags. The SlimFlex Tag family has gained wide acceptance in UHF RFID applications due to the tags’ flexible yet robust thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) housings. Today, high frequency (HF) systems can also take advantage of the tags’ resistance to repeated bending, torsion and harsh elements.


STMicroelectronics Provides NFC Tags for Korea’s First NFC Fridge

Korea’s First NFC Fridge (Image: STMicroelectronics)NFC technology from ST enhances the convenience of home appliances

STMicroelectronics has announced that its NFC/RFID-enabled memory device has been integrated in Classe Cube, the latest refrigerator from Dongbu Daewoo Electronics. The recently launched Classe Cube ofers a variety of services to consumers as “Korea’s first NFC fridge.”


Texas Instruments Presents New Easy-to-Use NFC Solutions

ti-nfcTexas Instruments introduces the Dynamic NFC Transponder RF430CL330H hardware to enable uncomplicated and inexpensive wireless set up. Also announced, the NFCLink software is a standard NFC library for the TRF79xx NFC transceiver family to ease NFC development on TI embedded processors.

The new Dynamic NFC Transponder Interface RF430CL330H is low cost, bringing a secure, simplified pairing process for Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connections to products, such as printers, speakers, headsets, and remote controls, as well as wireless keyboards, mice, switches and sensors. It is the only dynamic NFC tag device designed specifically for NFC connection handover and service interface functions, including host diagnostics and software upgrades.


Neology Adds NFC to UHF RFID Transponders

Neology, a provider of secure high-value RFID solutions, has added NFC to UHF transponders to create dual frequency transponders that can identify themselves to a smartphone. The smartphone can be linked to an e-wallet or other funding account so that in a matter of seconds, a user can pay his toll and continue on his trip without further delay and without ever leaving his vehicle.


tagItron Extends Product Portfolio with NFC Tag Designs Suitable for Industrial Use

tagItron Extends Product Portfolio with NFC-Tag Designs Suitable for Industrial Use (Image: tagItron)tagItron, a manufacturer and provider of special RFID transponders and RFID components extends its HardTag product line with NFC Tag Designs - suitable for industry.

After tagItron's launch of the HardTag product line in 2010 they have now extended their portfolio with NFC. The HardTags - only 8 mm in diameter and a thickness of 600 µm - are made for industrial applications and provide protection class IP68. features include autoclavability, chemical resistance and operation temperatures up to 134°C and 200°C.



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